We offer solutions and provide hands-on support for your organization...

…in audit, tax, accounting and payroll. We are focused and determined to ensure quality, timeliness in meeting our clients’ deadlines and greatly concerned with their business growth. At Enson Africa we believe “tomorrow’s success begins today”. We are working with the Non-government organizations, public and private sectors. We focus on value for the service offered and quality for your business growth. We understand that meeting clients’ deadline is of priority for the success of our clients.

Audit Services

Enson Africa’s audit services include external and internal audits, control system reviews and information systems audit. Our audit approach is tailored to meet the business needs of companies and goes beyond just the numbers. Our valuable insight and recommendations help companies achieve cost efficiencies in their business operations. We assist companies to navigate risks with the help of our highly qualified professionals.

Tax Advisory Services

Our approach to tax planning encompasses the entire spectrum of national and international tax regimes. Our experienced tax professionals are drawn from various backgrounds with industry specialization and advanced training that equips them to be your professional tax advisors in a wide continuum.

Client Accounting and Financial Management

Accounting and bookkeeping are vital elements of an organization that helps in keeping track of your income and expenses. We provide a comprehensive accounting services package that allows you and your staff to devote your focus to running the business rather than getting bogged down in accounting paperwork. Our outsourcing package is customizable such that, we can either look after your entire accounting function or work on a collaborative basis with your existing staff and provide expertise in just the areas you need us to.

Payroll services

Our payroll outsourcing service steps into the direct administration of running the payroll, including accurate computation of payroll for resident and non-residents, withholding tax or statutory contributions, filing returns, depositing funds for employees or issuing checks, and creating the payslips. We also support the maintenance of updated employee records for all employees and respond to any queries and audits from the authorities with respect to payroll deductions.

Inventory verification process

Since the inventory has many movements on business days, the process of routine physical verification becomes a difficult task for any organization. It needs proper planning, resource mobilization, and expertise.

We facilitate our clients to appear and monitor the stocktaking process. We use available client stock-taking instruction to develop our stocktaking program.

We have a team of experts willing reliable and able to facilitate our clients in a dedicated stocktaking process, we use sophisticated means to identify obsolete/damaged stock. Our team possesses track record and proven ability in the stocking taking assignments.

Secretarial Services

  1. Company formation
    We support our clients with immediate setups for running the company by facilitating; registrations for Limited Liability Company, Branch, Professional firms, NGOs and VAT representatives for foreign establishments.
  2. Company compliance
    Our service is to facilitate company’s compliance with various regulations to include;
    • Company’s MEMARTS
    • The Companies Act and the regulations in Tanzania regulated by the Business Registration and Licensing Agency (BRELA)
    • Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA) Regulations
    • Pension Funds Regulations
    • Workers Compensation Fund (WCF) Regulations,
    • Occupation Safety and Health Authority (OSHA) regulations
    • Contractor Registration Board (CRB)
    The services covered include;
    • Preparation and filing of the annual returns for BRELA, WCF, CRB, Pension Funds and TRA.
    • Filling all returns to TRA for company, branch and NGO’s
    • Director’s self-assessment returns compliance.
    • Facilitating the company’s Annual General Meetings, other meetings and maintaining the minutes as required by the Companies Act.
    • Facilitating Board meeting and resolutions.
    • Facilitating changes in the company and ensuring they are compliant with BRELA regulations and Companies Act e.g. change of address, retirement or change of directors, issue of additional shares, restructuring, alteration of articles and memorandum and alteration of borrowing powers.
    • Facilitating dividend declaration and respective resolutions.
    • Ensure compliance with general safety rules and guidelines of the company per requirements of OSHA.